ARTICLES through which your blocks unfolds and they open the gates of your whats and whys regarding the holy scriptures.

By : Dr. Mark

There are no accidents in life. Always be prepared to do, What God has prepared you for.

By : Lalji bhagat

“The War that an ascetic wages Is more arduous than the warrior’s; Only the bravest of the ascetics dare to fight The inclinations of the mind, says Muktanand."

By : Lalji bhagat

When a person is born, he is born with the microcosm of God and with some condensed energy emanating from that microcosm. But when many persons leave this gross body, their souls instead of flying like the bullet are lost like the lifeless casing of the cartridge.

By : Lalji bhagat

The day of fasting is mainly for two purposes. 1. To be free from luxurious pleasures related to worldly objects. 2. To cultivate higher level of virtues useful in the path of self-realisation and God-realisation. The other purpose of fasting is to make your self awaken.

By : Laljibhagat

Faith is the foundation of all religions of the world. Faith begins where all reasoning ends. Faith can move mountains but mountains cannot move faith. You have faith because you have faith. Thus faith is both the cause and the effect.

By : -

The wealth of our life Is the Son of Dharma Who brings the dead to Life As Lord Ghanshyam in person Relieves the fear of re-birth When we look at Him with love He washes away ugly thoughts That's why Premanand Keeps His beauty in his heart.

By : Arjan Varsani

Another crucial difference between the meat-eater and the vegetarian is found in the intestinal tract, where food is further digested and nutrients are passed into the blood. A piece of meat is just part of a carcass, and its putrefaction creates poisonous wastes within the body. Therefore meat must be quickly eliminated. For this reason, carnivores possess alimentary canals only three times the length of their bodies. Since humans, like other non-meat-eating animals, have an alimentary canal eight times the body length, rapidly decaying meat is retained for a much longer time, producing a number of undesirable toxic effects.

By : Prof. R.M. Pancholi

In our holy fellowship we have been enjoined to observe fast and the Vrata (vow) of Ekadashi, the eleventh day of the bright half and of the dark half of every month. Monday is also a day of fasting for many or they have only one meal on that day. During the month of Shravan (September-October), we are required to observe the Vrat of fasting or to have only one meal a day. Many persons observe fasting on Saturday or at least eat only one meal a day.

By : Shantikumar J. Bhatt

When Shikshapatri is contemplated with concentrated mind, the subconscious mind is imprinted with all the best thoughts about restrictions, observances and guidelines. All our behaviour is the result of such imprinted thoughts in the subconscious mind. Such clear, permanent imprinting is possible only when the mind is fully concentrated.

By : Lalji Bhagat

Everybody wants to possess more money than the other person and when he has it, he is not satisfied, because he finds there is still someone else who has more than he has. People live in a bedlam of misery created by their own desires. An average American has much more than an average European or Indian or an average citizen in any other land. But still he is not happy. He is besieged with anxieties and worries. So learn to be satisfied with what you get without twisting, or torturing and perverting your mind and without sacrificing your physical health and moral integrity.